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Practice Philosophy



Julian confines his specialist orthopaedic practice to the surgical and non-surgical management of conditions of the lower limb.  This allows him to devote all his energy to maintaining the highest standards of care for his patients with these problems.  In the increasingly complex field of orthopedic surgery Julian finds that specialisation allows him to achieve a higher level of experience with increased benefits for his patients.




The Code Of Rights


Julian practices under the code of patients rights:


  • The right to be treated with respect.

  • The right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment, and exploitation.

  • The right to dignity and independence.

  • The right to services of an appropriate standard.

  • The right to effective communication.

  • The right to be fully informed.

  • The right to make an informed choice and give informed consent.

  • The right to support.

  • Rights in respect of teaching or research.

  • The right to complain.

More information can be found at the Health and Disability website




Your Time Is Valuable


Time pressure affects us all.  Julian is conscious that your time is as valuable as his own.  Julian makes every endeavor to run consultations to time.  Occasionally unexpected events can lead to delays but in general you can be expected to be seen as scheduled.




Your Treatment Is Individualised


While Julian deals with only lower limb problems he treats these with consideration to the whole person.  Different patients have different needs and expectations.  Top athletes have different demands than elderly patients with arthritis but Julian recognises that everyone is individual and that it is what is important to the individual that counts.


Patients are treated equally, irrespective of ability, with individual plans that suit their goals and expectations.




You Are Not "Just Another Sore Joint"


Julian consults on a Monday and Tuesday and operates on a Thursday and Friday.  Julian does not schedule patients on a Wednesday.  This allows him to spend time with his family, follow-up on paperwork and remain fresh.




Good Communication Is Critical


Julian is passionate about patient education.  He has developed a number of handouts to help his patients better understand their condition and make decisions that are right for them.




Your Outcome Is Important


Achieving the best possible outcome for the patient is the goal of any good surgeon.  Julian makes extensive use of questionnaires and databases to monitor the outcome of his operations.  This allows continuous refining of treatments to optimise outcomes for his patients.




A Second Opinion


If Julian thinks your problem is better managed by someone more expert in a specific area he will arrange a referral for you.  For example, when lower limb symptoms are found to be referred from the spine.


There are not always easy solutions to some problems and in these situations patients sometimes like the reassurance of a second opinion.   Julian is always happy to refer a patient for a second opinion and does not take this personally.   If you would like a  second opinion please feel free to ask.




Julian Is Up To Date


Although Julian works in private practice he is far from professionally isolated.  He regularly attends professional meetings and has time to keep up to date with the latest advances in orthopedics.  Julian operates with a colleague at least every six weeks to allow a sharing of skills and experience.  Julian's practice is peer reviewed, as are all orthopaedic surgeons in New Zealand.  Julian participates actively in a continual professional development program recognised by the Medical Council of New Zealand.




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